I am a 18 year old trumpet player from the Netherlands.
I like playing pop songs on the trumpet!

I started the channel 'trumpetmusiconline' two years ago.
My goal is to share my passion and help other trumpet players.

You can find a brand new cover on my YouTube page every saturday!
In addition to the regular schedule I'll upload some extra's.

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Martijn Brattinga was born in Heerenveen, now living in Joure, the Netherlands. He started playing the trumpet at the age of 7 in a band. After 7 years of private lessons he took his final 'HaFaBra' exam in 2015. (There are 4 types of exams in the Netherlands. A, B, C & D)

Throughout Martijn's youth he was active in many different types of music. He took part in a showband, a bigband, an orchestra and sometimes performed on his own.

At the age of 14 Martijn started writing sheetmusic, inspired by one of his teachers. He wrote a popular song for his local band and got great feedback to work with. He asked other teachers he knew for tips and feedback and soon he could write songs for the trumpet.

Martijn's main inspiration to start with Youtube was to share his passion. He used to search for new songs to play on his trumpet, but most of them were not available and if they were, they costed money.

His idea was to make sheetmusic available for everyone, for free. He decided to use the social medium 'Youtube' to spread his work. After a few months he received around 10 mails every day, with demand for his sheetmusic and other questions. He decided to make his sheetmusic easier accessible and bought his own site: www.trumpetmusiconline.com

In October 2014 Martijn became partner with Divimove, the leading Youtube talent network of Europe. He collaborated with other youtubers & musicians. His youtube channel kept growing.

"I'll continue doing this, because I really like it! You got to know so many people all over the world. What I'm planning to do in the future? Maybe some live perfomances? Or maybe I should write an own song once? Feel free to ask if you want to know more about me or the things I do!"

- Martijn Brattinga


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